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Learn to Sing & Love to Sing!

Singing, Soul & Self Development.

It is a pleasure to offer my services to people of all ages in the Gold Coast area. 

No matter your level or experience,

I’m here to hold space and offer you the therapeutic, professional and artistic attention you deserve.

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With a background in the Performing Arts, teaching & 

voice over work,

I’ve been singing and dancing since I could talk and walk. Singing & dancing lessons were such a huge and enjoyable part of my childhood. 

After all the training, 

Singing lessons, 

AMEB Singing Exams, 

Ballet Exams and Education at the Queensland Dance School of Excellence,

I went to Sydney to Complete my Diploma of Performing Arts. 

This is when I entered the competitive world of the industry & my passion began to fade. 

I started to compare myself to these new standards and compromise 

the love for what I do 

for the new rules, 

requirements and pressure that had been enforced about what determined success. 

It really did zap the joy out of it 

for me.

It all depends what kind of success you want in life. 

The journey teaches you what you need to know.

Years later, 

through trial and error, 

I found my way back to my passion and back to the reason 

I started in the first place! 

This is my intention to help other aspiring singers and performers find what lights them up and hold onto it dearly. 

If anything, for themselves.

In the end the most successful are the ones that hold onto their love for what they do. 

Not to exploit, not necessarily for profit but to keep their soul fulfilled for the rest of their life.

That, to my values, is true success.

A life of integrity, sustainability, respect & appreciation for hobbies and art. 

Following your JOY and keeping it close to your heart at all times. 

Using singing as a therapy is a fabulous tool for a rich & meaningful life. 

Art doesn’t compete or compare, it just exists and evolves & is to be valued and appreciated. 

We each have a voice &

We are all unique. 

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Singing Lessons

When you sign up for my Singing Lessons, you can be assured of quality individual attention and focus.

Each lesson is tailored to your needs and involves vocal warm up exercise and an element of learning but the majority of the class is devoted to practice.

 If you are looking to improve your overall singing ability, improve confidence, improve voice tone, 
build confidence singing around others and find your best voice - 
this is the right lesson for you. 

In each session you will learn tips, skills & tricks to improve your technique, making your sound the best it can be while developing your own style. 
extra practical assistance, guidance & mentorship when necessary. 

Keep in mind: You can have the best technique in the world but if you do not have the heart you will not enjoy yourself, therefore will you truely succeed?
It is even more important to find you spark, charisma and X factor! 

Please get in touch.


Singing for expression.
Singing for cathartic release.
Singing as a therapy & spiritual practice.

My offerings were born out of the desire to help people on a therapeutic level feel good & express themselves.

The voice is the most vulnerable of all instruments because the sound is produced within our body.

Utilising singing as a form of therapy has the ability to heal & transform our lives in profound ways. 

From a very shy person with low self esteem to a confident human being with a meaningful existence. 

Finding and connecting with your voice and heart not only helps you as a singer, it helps you connect with who you are and discover how to express yourself in the world. 

Being in touch with our voice shapes how we interact and communicate with the outer world. 

Music & songs are so powerful they can connect us with a direct line to joy. 

What a handy tool to have around. 

The ability to sing is deeply satisfying & fulfilling.

An instrument that is always with you.

The voice is the carrier between our mind and heart. 

Singing from the heart helps you speak from the heart and that makes great impact in the world.

These lessons are valuable therapy! 

If you’re more interested in taking this holistic approach, 

Please get in touch.
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Get in touch to book your trial class! 

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